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Level M Group LLC, a truly professional NJ local small business, operating in the niche of Residential Outdoor Living & Development.

Our System


The first step is always a meaningful communication with the client, to gain a clear understanding of the goals client has set to achieve, and/or problems that must be solved.
This stage is where we begin to shine, allowing us to propose solutions or provide other alternatives that the client may not have known existed, but may consider.
You will notice the difference in the communication, and we didn't even start yet.


Next, we transform the concept vision into a design, for client's approval. On smaller upgrades, it consist of material selections with catalog cut sheets and layouts. On mid and larger projects, we prepare detailed 2D / 3D & animated models to validate the design or allow client to make the final changes or adjustments.
The 2D designs may also be utilized for permit applications (where needed) providing clarity and therefore helping with approvals.


Once the planning, design and material selections are approved, we move into procurement of materials. We provide client with status updates on anticipated deliveries and project commencement date.
Then, we execute. Every project is dealt with high emphasis on jobsite organization, safety and minimizing disturbance to clients. Our experience provides an advantage: we foresee the common construction pitfalls and avoid them, before they happen.

Create Value

With Integrity as a core business value, we prioritize quality. At project's completion, before we issue the final invoice, we conduct a walkthrough with the client, to ensure the project meets or exceeds client's standard. We do not settle for anything less than 5-star satisfaction, as reflected in our reviews.
Our philosophy is that every project is an investment in real estate property. By increasing property's value, the project pays for itself, often multifold.

We Provide the Best Service in Industry‚Äč

We encourage you to provide us with the opportunity to discuss how to materialize your goals